How Do You Grow a Healthy Beard?

How Do You Grow a Healthy Beard?

Having the best beard on the block is no small feat. It takes a lot of work, commitment, and care to make your beard look the way you want. That’s why we at FEG work around the clock to provide you with all of the tools and products you need to get the job done.

Taking care of your beard doesn’t just mean growing hair on your face and using beard wash from time to time. No matter how thick your beard may look, making sure it’s healthy is what matters most — and that starts from the roots (literally).

So, where do you start when you want to grow a healthy beard? Well, simply put, you’ve got to prep. Preparing your facial hair and skin is the first step toward a good beard.

Here are a few tips for beginning to grow that majestic full beard:

✅ Keep Your Face Clean
One of the biggest roadblocks that may be standing between you and the beard of your dreams is a lackluster skincare regimen.

If your skin isn’t healthy, your facial hair won’t be, either. Skin concerns like acne, dryness, chronic irritation, and ingrown hairs can all seriously affect your beard growth, leaving you with facial hair that looks patchy and half-baked. That’s the opposite of what you want.

Avoiding these skin issues starts with a hard-hitting daily routine. To start, make sure to use a gentle facial wash to remove bacteria, stop the buildup of dead skin cells, and prevent itchiness. In addition, you can exfoliate a few times a week using a gentle exfoliant to slough off dead skin and leave your face smooth.

Finally, make sure to moisturize your skin after washing your face. You can’t grow a proper beard without hydration, and dry skin is often more prone to major issues.

✅ Growth Supplements
Trying out beard growth vitamins can be a quick and easy way to kickstart your beard growth.

Beard growth vitamins are full of vitamins and nutrients essential for body and hair growth. When hair follicles are nourished, they’re way better at producing healthy, resilient hairs that fortify a beard and keep it growing.

✅ Use Beard Oil
Beard oil is essential for keeping your beard and skin soft, as well as eliminating tangles and split ends. Keeping your hair and skin soft with beard oil sends waves of hydration into your pores and promotes healthy growth.

Our FEG Hair Growth Spray works on all beard styles and lengths and will help you get the facial hair of your dreams. Our Growth Serum is specially formulated to nourish your beard and stimulate your hair follicles.

✅ Trimming
If you want to keep your outline and beard neat while growing it out, trimming is an absolute must.

Using a trimmer, remove any unwanted stray hairs on your cheeks, Adam’s apple, and neckline so that you look as clean as possible.

You may find that you need to implement trimming into your everyday morning routine to keep those stray hairs at bay. However, some beard growers don’t necessarily need a daily trim to keep the strays in check; a few times a week might suffice.

We know everyone's hair grows differently and not at the same speed, so patience is key. Keep trimming and taming your beard, and your hard work should hopefully pay off.

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